Posted by: kfugrip | February 26, 2007

I hate magicians

In spite of this fact The Prestige, by Chris Nolan was good. Interesting and smart. It’s one of those films that attempts to blow the audiences mind with it’s unexpected/twist ending. Very plot heavy. I liked it though. I thought the script was smart and logical, like good drama.

I asked Kelly after the film a couple of questions about the twists and turns of the story. See, I “got it” early. I think that the educated movie viewer (and I mean educated in the sense that one knows filmic language and story structure, intuitively) would have picked up on some, if not all, of the elements. The last shot, which I will not spoil, in particular seemed as if it were a big reveal. Those who have seen it, was it unclear that it was happening? Was it a surprise? I got the elements in the middle of the film but it did not affect my enjoyment.

I liked the film much in the same way I liked Memento. It pursued it’s premise to a logical and intelligent end. It helps that the film was backed by some excellent actors and that I cared about the two main characters and how they came into conflict.

Criticism; the women in the film are poor sketches. Plot devices only. I don’t care about them and don’t find them, or their interactions with the protagonists, interesting. Why can’t films like this be about two lonely men instead of men with women? I hear you out there deriding that statement and siting a major plot point. Yes, that thread would not have existed if not for the women, but that’s the only one. A wife dies, another wife dies, these are motivations… okay. Do I care? No. What a waste of Scarlett Johansson (distractingly attractive as always). Next time, I suppose, Mr. Nolan will write a female part more like the one in Memento.

4 stars.




  1. i like this review babe.

    i also want to say for the record, both for you and others, i do think that educated movie goers will get the movie much before the final reveal – which is intended i think for the very very slow movie goer. i actually think the film was more enjoyable for you as you were learning and realizing things all along, for the first half i admit i was frustrated with it and not enjoying it as much and not paying as much attention as i should have been. once i started locking into what was really going on and how smart it all really was, i was pretty happy with it. i have to say that the more i think about it though the more frustrated i was with hugh jackman in the role, i’ve liked him in the past (as you know) but he didn’t really work for me here. scarlett was as you said furstratingly distractingly attractive and mostly wasted. christian bale was amazing. and i mostly agree with you on the roles of women in the film, but overall, the more i think about it, the better it gets.

    i like your new blog 🙂

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