Posted by: kfugrip | March 3, 2007

This is… number thirty

It may surprise some that I had never seen This is Spinal Tap. I watched it tonight and I thought that it was alright. The funniest part was Nigel’s solo, where he plays the guitar with a violin. Hilarious. Other than that I thought that it wasn’t that great. I liked it. 3 stars.

I recognize it as a ground breaking film. Is there a mockumentary before this one? Lots of great jokes but this wasn’t at the Christopher Guest directed level, like Waiting for Guffman or Best in Show.

Comedy needs to be funny and this is funny but it didn’t live up to the hype. I also didn’t like that Rob Reiner was playing a role. He plays the film maker but why isn’t he playing Rob Reiner? Perhaps that idea was ahead of it’s time.

Having seen Decline of Western Civilization II: The Metal Years, changes one’s perspective on this film. Seeing, in “real life” these same characters essentially acting out their fantasies and falling on their face, does make this movie funnier. It makes This is Spinal Tap a harbinger of the coming lunacy.

I’m glad I finally saw it.



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