Posted by: kfugrip | March 14, 2007

TV movies are sometimes good.

Longford, the HBO film that was recently released, was on tonight and in an effort to distract myself from current events I decided to watch it.

I knew nothing of Lord Longford or Myra Hindley or the circumstances of this film before today. The actual tale was fascinating. The performances, by Jim Broadbent and Samantha Morton in particular, were good and involving. There was tension throughout and the specter of the “tape” pressing my interest on. Shocking revelations abound when you don’t know the facts in a “based on a true story” film or biopic.

I enjoyed the film but it made me question something. During a recent job I taped some staff members from Entertainment Weekly. Owen Gleiberman, one of the critics for EW, said that many of the films that were up for Oscars this year were TV movies. The Queen, Little Miss Sunshine, and Babel to list a few, and I can’t get that out of my head. What separates TV movies from cinema? I don’t think it’s an easy answer. I always felt that it was on TV people say what they feel, which is not what life is like, but with the current crop of movies and TV dotting the landscape that answer doesn’t seem satisfactory. It’s too simple. I am not capable of answering the question in this blog, at this time, but it’s something I will think about incessantly, much like when I used to ponder why student films always seemed like student films.

Longford (#36) gets 3 stars.



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