Posted by: kfugrip | March 15, 2007

Writers and booze, #38

The Lost Weekend, by Billy Wilder was on the viewing opportunity list tonight. Having never been an alcoholic, or drunk, or having ever tasted alcohol, I know very little about the experience. Does that fact impair my ability of to identify with this film? I don’t think so. I like Leaving Las Vegas and it’s about a guy drinking himself to death. Now, since I haven’t been drunk before, or had the “dt”s from withdrawal then I can’t say that this film’s portrayal is off but the fact that he sees animals is hard to believe.

Other than this fact the film was solid. Well written, if a bit melodramatic, but I that comes with the times. It’s easy to sympathize with a character that escapes from reality because he knows he can’t live up to his dreams.

3 stars



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