Posted by: kfugrip | April 25, 2007

Support your local animal shelter

Year of the Dog, by Mike White the writer of School of Rock, Chuck and Buck, and The Good Girl, to mention a few directs his own script in this film. Molly Shannon stars in a semi-serious role as a lonely dog owner whose pet dies after ingesting poison.

As with most Mike White movies the idea appeals to me right away, and the tone, especially the delivery of the jokes, is right up my alley. However, all of his films have fallen short for me. There is something missing and disjointed in the construction. Sure, there are laughs but I don’t really care about anyone in the movies. The characters are curiosities at best.

This being White’s directorial debut (which I confirmed on it seems like my theory that his humor and style were being undercut by whomever was directing him was off. It’s a compliment to him that his writing style pushes through direction and that he has a distinctive voice. His ideas are solid but the actual films aren’t as good as the idea to me. It’s not a case of raised expectations either. My expectations were not high for Year of the Dog. I didn’t think it was that good.

2 stars


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