Posted by: kfugrip | July 26, 2007

I’ve got a little time now

I’ve been frantically working against a deadline so I haven’t been able to write about the two movies I saw last weekend. Initially I planned for this post to be huge and expansive, however I will inevitably have to compress some things to fit this into my tiny window of opportunity. Without further adieu…

It is rare that I want to see a movie so bad that I decide to see it opening night at 7:30. Sunshine, directed by Danny Boyle, is one of those movies. This blog entry will be set up a bit different because I am putting a spoiler warning in and I want to give my rating earlier than usual.  4 stars.

Through the opening exposition, told over some beautiful imagery, we hear that our sun is dying and that they are taking a bomb to reignite it. There is a crew of 7 and when they hear the distress signal of the previously lost, unsuccessful, mission the divert their path to intercept it and investigate.

Boyle, and screenwriter Alex Garland, make an excellent team. The film is an excellent mix of the metaphysical beauty of the fictional circumstances and the tension that the aforementioned circumstances. While we’re getting characters that are more like gesture drawings than fully rendered people, it does fit with what the genre dictates and the performances are good enough that the characters feel human. The film makers do a great job of making you feel the immensity of the character’s mission.

When the movie delves into monster movie territory (all the reviews cite Alien) it dresses up the premise with an interesting use of special effects. I liked it. Manic religious philosophy and sunburn make for a deadly combination.

Where the movie falters a bit is with a couple huge leaps of logic. Science fiction movies, and horror movies, have to conform to reality at every possible moment. A movie like Hostel, is a good example of defying logic to the detriment of the movie (which I didn’t like much before it got to that point). When the guy, in Hostel, goes back for the girl at the end, the film loses me. His actions are so illogical that it distracts me from the story. Sunshine isn’t that flawed but there are some parts at the end where I was wondering why Boyle/Garland chose to go that way. It distracted me but the “high-poetics” were in full effect at that point so it was an easier pill to swallow.

In conclusion I would recommend the film to anyone who likes high minded science fiction. It’s not 2001: A Space Odyssey or Solaris but it’s pretty good.


I also saw Knocked Up, directed by Judd Apatow, the comedy about… you guessed it, pregnancy. Quick synopsis: A slacker, Seth Rogen, scores with an attractive, successful woman, , and the result is a pregnancy. They decide to keep the kid and try to make it as a couple. That’s the skeleton of plot on which the jokes are formed.

I thought the movie was really good. It’s one of the best comedy’s I have seen in awhile. The group of friends that Seth’s character lives with is one of the funniest I can remember. While the jokes are funny the story is also interesting and the characters are well drawn. This shows that a comedy can have both.

I rate it at 4 stars. Why not five? Because the great comedies, the “fives” of the world, the film doesn’t work in some of the emotional stages. A film like The Graduate is a great example of a comedy (which it is) that creates great empathy for the characters. Knocked Up was not that movie, but it was a good movie.




  1. this a good review…except you don’t actually say what you’re rating for sunshine is…since i know you (quite well) and have the benefit of all the extra knowledge that comes with knowing you (quite well) i know what your rating is…but you should update your blog so your adoring masses know as well…

  2. Saw Sunshine this weekend and totally agree. Even though the film almost derails in the third act, I still felt compelled to give it four stars based on how strong it was up until that point. Basically, it is the thinking man’s Armageddon.

  3. […] so my expectations were up. The trailer was filled with laughs as well but the film fell short of Knocked-Up. Perhaps it was the direction. The performances were good, and so was the casting, but the plot […]

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