Posted by: kfugrip | August 2, 2007

Ignorance is not bliss or, The Day the Directors Died

It is only today that I discovered Michelangelo Antonioni‘s death two days ago. L’Aventura is my favorite of his films but I also liked The Passenger.

I loved Wim Wender‘s book: My Time With Antonioni, which is fascinating.  For those that are unaware, it’s Wender‘s recollection of his time as a co-director (to simplify it) with Antonioni on a film.  The film is Antonioni’s first after he had a stroke, so he is unable to say more than one or two words at a time.  Fascinating.

I will also be making an effort to see Red Desert again. I watched it in college, for a class, and did not like it but I suspect that my tastes were not ready for that film. My hopes are that watching it will precipitate the creation of a longer post by me. We’ll see.



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