Posted by: kfugrip | September 29, 2007

Warning shot

A couple of issues:

I’m going to see The Man from London, which is playing at the New York Film Festival, this Sunday. I’ll write a review of it after. Then on Wednesday the 3rd I’m going to see Stellet Licht at the the NYFF. It’s been a couple of years since I went to the festival and I’m looking forward to the movies and the crowd. I’m going to try to bring my ‘A’ game for the reviews. I am prone to mail-it-in, so I will be taking notes during the movies. Speaking of “game”…

The NBA season starts soon and I am debating adding my thoughts to the blog. I have flirted with idea of writing about more topics than the films I see and the NBA, and the Orlando Magic in particular, is something that I obsess about so it would generate more content for the blog and hopefully more discussion. If I had any basketball loving friends around me that wanted to talk Magic (or NBA) then I wouldn’t even consider writing about it, but I have no one. If I do decide to talk NBA then I’ll try to make it a separate page on this blog so it doesn’t distract from the movie writing. I am undecided at this point, however.

So if you are against this blog being about anything but film (or other creative arts like comics, books, music, etc…) then leave me a comment on this post. I would be interested to see what my readers (yest both of you) think.

[UPDATE: I can’t create a separate page and continue to add posts to it. I don’t know why I thought I could do that. It seemed like a good idea. So instead of that the basketball posts would be on the regular blog mixed in with the rest of the art-related posts. Is that unacceptable? Since only two people have commented then I’ll assume that it’s fine. I may just start another blog though, for basketball only. I am undecided.]



  1. so long as the sports talk gets its own page then i’m all for it.

    your hits will, i suspect go through the roof if you start talking sports. so that will be nice for you. maybe it will generate good discussion…but let’s try to keep the hate on josh’s page…okay?

  2. I am so not into basketball, but go for it. Write about whatever the hell you want.
    If you do, maybe I will pick fights with the people who read your blog.

  3. you won’t start writing about hoops… you won’t do it… you won’t even try it… you won’t start another page and comment on every single orlando magic game… you won’t complain loudly when the magic (the gathering) lose every game to the beast of the east, the celts, this year…. i dare you!

  4. Haha, Magic the Gathering. Adam is a nerd.

  5. An NBA blong would be crunk. A Magic blog would be “boo-gie”. Youve got my permission to use that.

    Hey, maybe you and JJ Redick can become pen pals. I hear his sister is a total slut.

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