Posted by: kfugrip | November 19, 2007

One hundred twelve: Scanners

Scanners, directed by David Cronenberg, should have been a good movie. I’ve seen that clip, the one where the guy’s head explodes… that’s the stuff of good horror/science fiction movies. I was disappointed. Perhaps my expectations were too high, but I thought this movie was going to be a great Cronenberg film and a great thriller with interesting ideas at work. It wasn’t.

Scanners is about a group of people with mental abilities (telepathy, pyrotechnics, telekinetics, etc…) who are being hunted by one of their own, the most powerful of the scanners. Our hero is a once homeless man who is nursed back to health by the foremost expert on scanners. An organization trains our main character, Cameron Vale (Stephen Lack), to infiltrate the Scanner underground and assassinate the group’s leader.

What I liked: Science Fiction films, especially ones directed by David Cronenberg, are great founts of ideas. Scanners has many good ideas at work. The performance of Michael Ironside is sufficiently broad, broad enough to work as a megalomanical telepathic leader. He’s a good bad-guy.

What I didn’t like: To describe the performance of Stephen Lack as wooden is being generous. He is one of the worst actors I’ve ever seen in a film. The film is filled with terrible actors and unbelievable set pieces. Part of the problem that Cronenberg has is that mental abilities are difficult to visualize and make cinematic. Such a sad, sad, disappointment. At least we know that Cronenberg went on to bigger and better things.

2 stars


I made Kelly watch this movie. She hated it.



  1. yucky.

    also, “Stephen Lack”? Never a better name for such an actor. Lack is perfect…

  2. dude. link to my cartoon in your post…that will help people understand the horror.

    not really, but it might up my hits.

  3. thanks babe. 🙂

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