Posted by: kfugrip | January 9, 2008

2007 encapsulated finale

Lets play a new game… I’m going to put the last of the movies I saw with their ratings. If someone actually wants to read what I thought about one of these movies then I’ll follow up with a full post about a 2007 viewed movie. I suppose that someone could say “I want to read about all of them”, which is fair, but it would take a sizable number of those votes to make that happen (nine votes to be exact). This way I can see if anyone cares enough to be active on the comment section.

The Savages (Jenkins) 5 stars

Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas (Henson) 2 stars

The Science of Sleep (Gondry) 2 stars

Who Killed the Electric Car? (Sheen, Horton) 3 stars

1408 (Hafstrom) 2 stars

The Number 23 (Schumacher) 2 stars

Legends of the Fall (Zwick) 3 stars

I Am Legend (Lawrence) 3 stars

Last Exit to Brooklyn (Edel) 4 stars

Noticeable absence from this list is There Will Be Blood. I didn’t see it until 2008 so it’s not included in this post.

Coming soon: Top Movies of 2007 List






  1. This is a great review of Southland Tales. I know you hated it, but you did a great job of really dissecting what is so horribly wrong with it…rather than just ranting. Great work.

    For my money I’d love to see reviews of The Savages, I Am Legend, and Last Exit To Brooklyn. I’d also be interested in hearing/reading your thoughts on The Number 23 for obvious reasons (not to everyone I guess) and I am tempted to ask for a review of Emmet Otter because it might be funny, but since I made you watch it the review will probably be mean, so I’ll pass…

  2. Oh, I muthafunkin’ care, homie. Believe that!

    -I want to know your take on “Electric Car”. Reasons start with, 1) I saw a preview on HDNet ‘Nothing But Trailers’, and I don’t have the time to go out and find it, if it sucks, and 2) I have an electric scooter. And it rocks.
    -“Legend”, I want to know what you think about, and why you gave a seemingly un-Adam Greene-ish Hollywood blockbuster 3 stars.
    -And “Jug Band Xmas”, to see whether Big Mike’s All-Star Backwoods Jugbang Review Explosion…. BOOOOOM!, has a cameo.



  3. You comment whore. Why 9 votes?

    And how can you hate on Emmet Otter?!?!?

  4. TWWB review, bring it. It counts towards 2007 because it was released in 2007.

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