Posted by: kfugrip | January 15, 2008

Looking ahead to 2008… wait I’m already IN 2008

So, I’ve got a surplus of unwatched movies at home in various forms (DVD, DVR, avi, etc…) so I thought that I would cut into the pile this year. Initially I thought I would watch all of the films I hadn’t seen but there are over 170 films in my collection that I haven’t seen. Too much when you include the movies to be released in 2008 (like Paranoid Park and Cloverfield). I’ve decided to shoot for the following list (yay, more lists):

in no particular order

O’ Lucky Man
Cigarettes and Coffee (short)
Red Desert
Human Stain
Crisis (Bergman)
Hour of the Wolf
Summer Interlude
The Magician
Through a Glass, Darkly
The Last Emperor
Exterminating Angels
The Unholy Three
Demon Seed
The Thing
A Woman Under the Influence
La Promesse
Distant Voices, Still Lives
Meshes in the Afternoon
The Mother and the Whore
Ali, Fear Eats the Soul
Bad Lieutenant
The Last Winter
Venus in Furs
Cocksucker Blues
Iceman Cometh
A Zed and Two Noughts
Funny Games
I Am an S&M Writer
A Summer at Grandpas
A Time to Live, a Time to Die
Dust in the Wind
The Boys from Fengkuei
The Holy Mountain
Over the Edge
As Tears Go By
Chungking Express
White Dawn
The General (Keaton)
Clean, Shaven
WR: Mysteries of the Organism
La Cinega
Le Samourai
Legend of Sansho the Baliff
A Hole in My Heart
Flesh for Frankenstein
Assassination of Richard Nixon
The Last Laugh
When a Woman Ascends the Stairs
Last Spring
A Nos Amour
A Simple Plan
The Fallen Idol
Last Year at Marienbad
Out of Sight
The Mirror
Stolen Kisses
Shanghai Express
Breaking the Waves
Element of Crime
The Boss of it All
The Idiots
Mr. Arkadin
Letter from an Unknown Woman
Rocco and his Brothers
Three Days of the Condor
Best of Youth
My Summer of Love
Zero Effect
Red River
The Devil-Doll
Wild Tigers I Have Known
Bringing Up Baby

    I also really want to watch The Wire, and have added all the DVDs available to my Netflix queue.



    1. Good list, man, but some of those buggers might be awfully hard to track down. Whenever we go in to Saskatoon (the nearest big city), I always make sure to pillage the main library for videos and DVD’s. That’s where I find foreign and classic movies, the stuff the new DVD outlets won’t touch because there’s no room (what with the 50 copies of “Spiderman 3” they have to stock).

      Thanks for this…

    2. Cliff. Good to see you commenting again.

      These are movies that I already own in some form. If you are interested in any that seem difficult to track down I can point you in the right direction. Sometimes pillaging for DVDs at local outlets is a fruitless endeavor, even in the big city, New York City. I do a lot online and many of the above mentioned films are in a compressed digital form (.avi being the most common) which my DVD player will play.

      Thanks for the comment.

    3. Man, wait until you watch The Wire. It puts any TV show that has come before it to shame.

      Seriously. There Will Be Blood. Pip. Pip.

    4. Adam: Always a pleasure to read your literate posts–your mind is wasted in the TV biz, man–leave the dark side, use your wit and intelligence for the good of humankind…

    5. I’m excited about some of these…when do we get started?

      *rubs hands together anxiously, but not at all reminiscent of “The Rock” in Southland Tales…*

      Also – I think it’s time to update your header…”2007 is the year I watch 104 movies…” 🙂

    6. I’m with Kelly. Update your header… or There Will Be Blood.

      And You Will Know Us By Our Trail Of Dead.

      Evil Dead.

      George Romero.


    7. You wont update your header to There Will Be Blood.

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