Posted by: kfugrip | January 23, 2008

Fourteen, feels like four

That was what the weather read on Monday as I readied myself work. I thought that it sounded like a beautiful combination of words. I wish I could say the same for the movies I watched.

Three Days of the Condor, directed by Sydney Pollack, is the thriller starring Robert Redford as a C.I.A. bookworm who goes on the run from the same agency, kidnapping Faye Dunaway in the process and uncovering an organization within the organization bent on destabilizing the Middle East.
What I liked: Intriguing plot with excellent pacing, the movie kept me interested and involved the entire time. Redford is good in this type of role and most of the steps he takes are logical, which is important for a thriller like this.
What I didn’t like: Why do the main characters sleep together? It’s not believable at all. Maybe if this was six days of the condor, and then only maybe, but it’s only one day that he has her captive. Very distracting.

3 stars

Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project, directed by John Landis, is a documentary about famous insult comedian and pal of Frank Sinatra, Don Rickles.
What I liked: I like Don Rickles and I knew little about him, so this documentary was informative and very funny.
What I didn’t like: Nothing earth shattering, or particularly deep here, just a profile.

3 stars

I’ve also watched half of Masculin Feminin, written and directed by Jean-Luc Godard, and unless it picks up I don’t feel like it is a masterpiece. Considering the film is on the aforementioned Paul Schrader’s Film Canon list, I expected the film to be as revolutionary and influential as some of the other films I’ve seen on the list. Perhaps I don’t respond to Godard. I’ve seen few of his films and I’ve only really liked Le Mepris.



  1. You know what else is a beautiful combination of word/numbers?

    (*in high pitch singing voice)

    “Twenty-five or six to four!”

  2. Haven’t seen “Condor” in years. One of those films that you won’t find in video/DVD stores because they have fifty fucking copies of “Spiderman III” and “300” instead.

    Have to say, I remember those “Dean Martin Roasts” from when I was a kid and Rickles was always the guy you were waiting for. An acid tongue. You can imagine him saying to Landis: “Sure you can do a movie about me: just don’t crash a helicopter into my house and decapitate my Vietnamese cook!”

    I just cannot abide Godard. I’m a film buff, I should “get” his importance to the history of cinema, etc. but…sorry. When I finally saw “Breathless” I found it amateurish and contrived. Not in a hurry to see another Godard…

  3. I’ve seen Contempt, which I liked, and Band of Outsiders, which I did not like, despite its classic film status.

  4. Cliff,
    I feel your pain because when I lived in Savannah (for 7 years) my movie renting options were few and they would have included fifty copies of Spiderman III and 300.

    Godard… I haven’t given up the ghost yet. I’m going to keep trying, but he’s not doing so well. I’ll rant about it after I’ve finished Masculin Feminin.

  5. “I feel your pain because when I lived in Savannah (for 7 years) my movie renting options were few and they would have included fifty copies of Spiderman III and 300.”

    Horseshit. You already saw all the rented movies, and BOUGHT all of the other movies available at Best Buy. Don’t you remember “The Great DVD Drought” of ’98? Tough times…

    I’d pay good money to see a fist fight between Don Rickles and Wilmford Brimley.

    Kindest Regards,
    Conre Posto

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