Posted by: kfugrip | April 8, 2008

2 Movie Reviews: The Other Boleyn Girl and I Think I Love My Wife

I have been ignoring the list of films that I wanted to see this year and instead I’ve watched some random movies on cable and the theater. Here are a couple of them.

The Other Boleyn Girl, directed by Justin Chadwick, is the story of Anne Boleyn and her sister Mary Boleyn and their affairs with Henry VIII. Some of this ground has been covered in Anne of the Thousand Days, which I’ve seen, but I don’t remember Mary being involved in that movie.

What I liked: The costuming was beautiful, if a little silly on the men. I’m sure it’s period specific and, if the painting of Anne Boleyn is any indication, accurate to what they know of the time. The three leads are all beautiful people, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman and Eric Bana, and they glamor-it-up in this one. It’s very “old Hollywood” that way, which has it’s appeal.

What I didn’t like: I didn’t care about anyone in this film and found their stories to be laden with melodrama. The three leads are all good actors but they die in these roles, and it’s not for lack of effort. The story is probably an interesting one but it feels like it was written by a committee, and that is the death of film if you ask me. The more I think about it the less I like it.

1 star

I Think I Love My Wife, directed by and starring Chris Rock, is the story of a married man who harmlessly fantasizes about other women. When a former friend’s ex-girlfriend shows up all that harmless fantasizing turns bad and his marriage in in trouble.

What I liked: The movie has some good laughs, which is important for a comedy.

What I didn’t like: The biggest problem for this film is that Chris Rock has trouble carrying a movie. He’s funny, hilarious in his stand-up, but I don’t believe him as a romantic lead. Combine that with a mannered performance by Kerry Washington and a directing sensibility that leans too heavily on tricks to cover performance, and you have a failure. I really wanted to like this.

2 stars



  1. Also of note is that Kerry Washington’s face is so weird and strange that I couldn’t concentrate on much else when she was on camera. The camera kept wanting to love her, but I swear, there is something wrong with this girl’s face.

    Also it is a terrible character. While I Rock and his wife were fairly believable characters overall (man and wife with normal problems) the “sex kitten friend” character was totally unbelievable. I’ve never met, nor expect to meet anyone like this in my life. I should add that I also HOPE not to meet anyone like this.

    Boleyn was horrible horrible trash. said it best when she said that the film played like “the cliff notes of a fifth grader’s bad report on the book”. so so true.

  2. The Boleyn Girl could have been the greatest film ever made. All it needed to accomplish this was a full frontal nudity lesbian incest scene.

  3. Mike: Are you trying to get my feminist wiles all in a twist? You have a baby girl now…so I am now going to “curse” her with powerful feminist leanings in the future…welcome to your own personal hell 🙂

  4. Not trying to twist anything. This movie is about feminisim? In the Middle Ages? Really? No wonder it sucked. I mean, for all the game playing and influence women could wield, Henry still kinda had the final word.

    P.S. Im all for Girl Power.

  5. I agree with Mike. Not on the girl power, but the lesbian incest thing. More of that, please.

  6. Mike, might a recommend a little film entitled “Sister My Sister” ?

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