Posted by: kfugrip | August 5, 2008

Update… but not back, yet.

Since my last post, April 8th 2008, I have watch a pathetic number of movies and while some of them were really good, I haven’t felt like posting.  I’ve been working at my new job and getting into the Union, so my time to post would have been on the weekends, or evenings and I guess I’m not that committed.  However, the Stallion will never die, only rest periodically to catch his breath (seeing as how he is overweight and lacks the typical New York City active lifestyle).

Sadly this is going to be a lame post where I list the movies I’ve seen and their ranks.  I am sure I will forget something because my system for remembering what I’ve seen failed me.  (that system is Netflix and there seems to be a large gap in my ratings there)

12:08 East of Bucharest 3

Blue State 2

The Contender 3

The Dark Knight 5

Day watch 3

Deep Water 4

Demon Seed 2

DIG! 4

Eagle vs. Shark 3

The Happening 2

In Bruges 3

The Last Mistress 3

Lovely & Amazing 4

Married Life 3

My Blueberry Nights 3

My Kid Could Paint That 3

Night watch 3

Out of Sight 4

Reprise 4

Savage Grace 4

Semi Pro 2

Snow Angels 4

Step Brothers 2

The Edge of Heaven 4

The Leopard 4

The Namesake 3

The Ten 3

Variety 3

Walking and Talking 3

Wild Tigers I Have Known 3

There are so many good films in that bunch.

Of the group, The Dark Knight stands out as an acheivment in it’s genre.  It is without a doubt the best Superhero-movie ever and one of the best action movies I’ve ever seen.  Christopher Nolan is a great director and proves that just because you make a movie with the studio doesn’t mean it has to be watered down and terrible.

With any luck I will revisit this site with more posts in the near future.  Thanks for reading.

Adam Greene



  1. Yay! The Stallion is back.

    You DID see a lot of movies in your absence…which makes me feel good too because I saw most of those as well…maybe I haven’t been totally wasting my time…24 out of 30 I saw with you, though a couple I’d already seen…you also didn’t see the classics “Definitely Maybe” and “Green Street Hooligans”… 🙂

  2. In Bruges was reviewed by Baltimore City Paper as being a movie made by a fore-iner in the most american way he could possibly think of designed to mock Americans and it sucks.

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