Posted by: kfugrip | January 8, 2009

New (before) Christmas Toy

I had such grand plans.  I was going to take a bunch of pictures of my home town and of my family during the xmas holiday break.  I like the look of West Virginia during winter.  It is desolate, but beautiful.  I bought a Holga, new from B&H, some film and off I went.

I was ill before I left, which lead to my inability to test shoot a roll to see what the pictures would look like.  Of course there isn’t a place to develop 120 film locally in WV, which was fine.  I knew that I could get the pictures developed when I got back to New York.  I am familiar with the Holga and the kinds of pictures it takes.  That was the point actually.  To take lomo pictures to supplement the digital pictures that I was going to be taking.  I was thinking of making a book for everyone next year.

I just got the pictures back last night and out of the 42 chromes that were developed (and scanned) only one is passable.  Here it is:

Yes, that is a car mirror in the lower right corner.

Yes, that is a car mirror in the lower right corner. Fuji Provia 100F, normal process

Why is this picture the only one to come out?  Well, there is a shutter problem.  When I depress the shutter it exposes the aperture, like it’s supposed to, but then it continues around and exposes a section again.  Most of my pictures have a diagonal slash through them, with the section on one side of the slash being overexposed.  If I held the button down it would continue to exposed that section as if I had it in bulb mode.  It’s a problem.

I currently have a roll of film loaded, so I can’t try to fix it.  I’m going to shoot out that roll, trying not to hold the button down at all and see if that fixes the problem.  If not then I’ll get in there and try to fix it manually.  Updates will follow.

I’ve also decided to get an inexpensive, all manual, TLR 6×6 camera on ebay.  I always regret not taking more pictures with my digital camera (consumer, point-and-shoot) but the difficulty in controlling exposure irritates me.   In order to underexpose a shot I have to go into a menu and go -1 EV, then back out of the menu.  It’s annoying.  I’d rather use a light meter and adjust a ring before taking a shot. Auto focus is equally irritating.

When I would shoot student films on 16mm, I hated shooting hand held.  I liked taking my time and composing shots from a static position.  If the camera was moving I wanted it on a dolly.  I look forward to taking the Lubitel, putting it on a tripod, and carefully composing a photograph.

I’m not turning this blog into a photo blog, because I’m only a hobbiest, but if I capture interesting images I would like to share them.



  1. that would be sweet if they had an exposure dial on a digital camera, it could be doable–on the lens just flush against the front.
    that would be great!

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